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Ewa Now

Teacher, Artist, Scholar, Seeker

I am, I am, I am.

For a long time, I believed the myth that I had to have one particular label in order to make a positive impact with my life. Having been told that my personal passions should not intertwine with how I made a living and that I had too many interests, I was unsure of how to best utilize my gifts of creativity and facilitating community connection because I felt that I would neither be able to help others with those gifts nor would I be able to support myself. 


I now believe that what makes me unique is that I have a variety of specializations, from teaching to mindfulness, to facilitating community connection, from training adults in social justice-related topics, to managing social media and marketing for performing arts organizations, to creating participatory public art events for children, to educating senior leadership on the need to change policy and procedure to support the needs of trans and nonbinary students in higher education. I believe now that the explorations I have engaged in have led me to many powerful paths, and that I have something to offer to everyone in their journey. I ground my offerings in an expansive background in education, the arts, spiritual teachings, and soul-seeking. 


I am a spiritual seeker. I began exploring the teachings of Buddhism in 1998. I have been greatly inspired by Thich Nhat Hahn,  who taught me how to meditate. I do not identify as a Buddhist, but I gratefully accept the wisdom of Dharma talks.

JourneyDance deepened my practice of mindful movement, which began as a yoga practice in 1999. My own experiences with the power of folding in creative expression, visualizations, and mindfulness then inspired to become a certified instructor of JourneyDance. I have continued exploring the spiritual path and have found great healing and expansion in the teachings I have explored at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and the Mindfulness Center at Brown University.

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My background as a leader in higher education for over thirteen years informs my creative, mindfulness, and social justice teachings. My work supports learning and development in the areas of mindfulness, social justice, self-love, and self-care.

I am fortunate enough to see how much my students have benefited from the activity-based mindfulness practices of embodied singing, JourneyDance, and journaling. I am passionate about leading workshops and classes on best support trans and nonbinary people in our lives in educational, business, and spiritual settings.

I am a scholar with an established record of presentations at national and regional conferneces and published peer-reviewed writing. I am currently a doctoral student in education at Northeastern University.  

After completing my undergraduate degree in Classical Vocal Performance at Boston Conservatory, I moved to Poland for three years. There I completed a year of instruction in Polish language, literature, and culture at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, eventually earning a Master's Degree in Central and Eastern European Studies at the same institution. I wrote a thesis on the topic of Polish visual art and its connection to Polish identity during the era of the Communist Regime, and after the fall of Communism. The thesis focused on a group of artists named Grupa Ladnie who were the first artists from the former Soviet Bloc to achieve commercial success in Western Europe in North America after WWII.



I am a student. A student of life, I am constantly in awe of the beauty and wonder of the world around us. I am a student of many different spiritual traditions, and I am grateful for the many teachers who have guided me on my path, and who continue to open my heart and mind to new learning. I am in love with learning and I look to continue to share this love with others and guide them to with the awe of approaching the world with a child-like wonder. 
The focus of my doctoral research is on the effects of mindfulness practices that involve mindful movement and artistic expression that are taught via an online platform. My future study will look at how mindfulness can effect participants when engaging in the practices online, and when learning how to engage in various types of practices rather than just silent meditation. 

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I am an artist. I have created, performed, and produced operas that were adapted for modern audiences and realized thanks to grants from California arts organizations. These productions included an adaptation of Haydn's Lo Speziale with an updated libretto translation and was staged as a parody of Breaking Bad. My classical music pursuits have always been grounded by a desire to make the art form more accessible to modern and diverse audiences, and to give voice to composers that align with my identity as a woman of Polish descent. I now use my vocal training to connect to the healing power of chanting and sound healing. I also am a visual artist and create paintings and jewelry.

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