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Help spread the word!

Sharing your positive feedback on my dance classes, meditation sessions, community moon circles, writing, or handmade jewelry would hugely help my next steps in life, and the pursuit of a new way of being.

JourneyDance, meditation, and moon circles have been a huge part of my healing journey and I’m ready to share this medicine with everyone! Your positive words could really help my next steps.

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How to leave positive feedback on Facebook

1. To look for the Ewa Now page when you are already logged in, you can simply search for Ewa Now or search for my username @WowEwaNow in the top left corner “search Facebook” bubble. Or you can just go here:


2. To review my offerings on Facebook, first, find my public page Ewa Now. Please make sure that you have clicked the “like” button to stay updated on my events!


3.  Next, click on the “More” tab and select “Reviews.”


4.  In the “reviews” area answer YES to the question “Do you recommend Ewa Now?” 


5. After you click YES a window will pop up asking “what do you recommend about Ewa Now.” This is the area where you can write a short statement to provide feedback or share your thoughts on my teaching, events, or creations.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to make sure that your note is marked “public.” If it is not marked as public no one can see your review, including me!

Please use this space to provide honest, positive feedback about my teaching JourneyDance, or my facilitation of meditation, or community moon circles.

This feedback area will automatically default to “friends” and that will mean that people who check the Ewa Now Facebook page will not see your kind words! Please be sure to update the “sharing to” to PUBLIC so that I, and everyone else, can see your feedback.
















6. After you finish your review, click “post” to publicly share your thoughts!


7. Please send me an email or Facebook message once you have posted your review so that I can check to see if it is posted publicly on my page, and so that I can thank you!

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