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Join a magical hour of free-form dance, gently guided by visualizations that will help you to find the power within, as well as the power of connection with community on the dance floor. A moving meditation, emotional processing, and spiritual practice rolled into one event. JourneyDance is a practice that will help you to embody your joy, and help you to process the feelings that you hold within your body. Embrace the gift of connecting with yourself and other dancers.  


Learn more about JourneyDance

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Speaking & Consulting

Ewa is available to share her story of growth, resilience, and recovery with all kinds of organizations and institutions.


Ewa can also share her expertise in engaging new audiences in the arts, spirituality, and social justice. She is passionate about guiding all types of organizations towards making effective, long-lasting changes that will help trans and nonbinary members of their community to feel that they belong and that they can thrive. 

Visit Ewa's LinkedIn profile to learn more about her professional background in higher education policy, and to read some of her publications including a peer-reviewed journal article on better supporting trans and nonbinary students. 

Please contact Ewa with questions about speaking, consulting, or teaching engagements. 

Moon Circles

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Image by Marcus Dall Col

Moon Sisters is a monthly online gathering honoring the wisdom that we can gain from the new moon in each sign of the zodiac.


Join Ewa Now in a loving and supportive community as we gather together in online circles to elevate our divine power.

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Etsy Shop

Visit Ewa's Etsy Shop WowEwaNow to see her bewitching handmade jewelry, tiaras, and crowns, as well as divine vintage finds.  

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