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Experience embodied mindfulness with the practice of

mantra singing.


Singing Yourself Home


Learn the powerful practice of embodied mantra singing for the benefits of healing and mindfulness. 

Explore how the practice of singing in English & Sanskrit can bring in sensations of embodied peace, and how it can help you to integrate the benefits of mindfulness into your entire being.

This program will:

  • introduce healing mantras that you can sing daily

  • open pathways of embodied relaxation & possibilities for finding a deeper sense of inner calm


It is not a requirement to attend all three classes, but it is highly recommended to get the full benefit of the course.

The purpose of this course is not focused on the quality of the sound of our voice, but to fully experience the healing sensation of music as it resonates in our bodies. However, Ewa will provide suggestions & answer questions related to technique throughout the course. Participants will be delighted to find that the experience of embodied singing may indeed result in improved quality of singing. 

This series will be held via zoom, which does not have the technical capability to have multiple voices heard simultaneously. This technical limitation means that all participants will be muted so that Ewa can be heard. So if you have any concerns or hesitations about sharing your voice, do not fret! You will be the only one who can hear your voice in this experience!

Learn more about Ewa hereon Instagram, and on Facebook.


Absolutely no singing experience is necessary. 

The only requirements for attending this course are an open heart, open mind, and a willingness to experiment with the benefits of embodied singing. And a zoom account!

Sing yourself Home.

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